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the constitution

C/TFN’s constitution was updated in May of 2012 under a tight timeline with an election pending. At that time, it was decided that a more detailed review would be required to deal with significant issues. The current constitution was developed by citizens in 1997 when C/TFN was an Indian Act band. Ten years later, now in self-government, the First Nation operates much differently than what was proposed at that time. Clans have appointed individuals to work as part of a Constitution Committee in identifying the most serious issues and how they can be addressed. The Committee has identified issues to be updated and is seeking input of citizens, including through community meetings and this website. To learn more about the issues identified and provide your feedback please click on the link below.


Initial Citizen Meetings
in February:

Carcross / Tagish First Nation is conducting a review of its constitution and is seeking input of all citizens. Clan representatives are currently reviewing the constitution and would like to receive your feedback on changes being considered. You can receive more information and provide feedback online or at community meetings below. 


When:  10:00 am, Saturday, February 13th
Where:  Carcross Community School


When:  10:00 am, Sunday, February 14th
Where:  MacBride Museum



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